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Our Founder & CEO

 Professional Introduction Agency London Professional Dating in London

Tina Bradley, has been successfully matching professional singles since 1988 and has been recognised as one of the best matchmakers in the world (iDate 2014, Best Matchmaker). She has also run an incredibly successful fine dining club since 2010.

“Part of the reason for our great success is our fantastic network of members and connections.  Your perfect partner is only ever 6 degrees away from us. That is incredibly exciting to us”


Our Consultants 

 Professional Introduction Agency London Professional Dating in London are specifically chosen for their people skills, empathy, experience, ethics and enthusiasm.

They are professionally trained to establish your core beliefs and values and what you require in a life partner.  By guiding you through our innovative matching criteria, they provide an in-depth fact-finding experience which is second to none.

Our Matchmakers 

 Professional Introduction Agency London Professional Dating in London work extremely closely with our Consultants to ensure that only the very best possible match is given to you for consideration.

Trained to a very exacting standard, they will personally choose introductions that fulfill your key core requirements and arrange dates and gather feedback from you so that each introduction builds upon the last.

Our Socialite Headhunters and Ambassadors 

 Professional Introduction Agency London Professional Dating in London are superstar social networkers who have a vast knowledge of London and the most exclusive parties and events. If it’s worth going to, they will be there; art gallery receptions, private dinner parties, business networking events and sophisticated functions, possibly looking for your Mr or Ms Right.  With their extensive network of contacts, your elusive partner could literally be just an introduction away!

Our Relationship Expert 

Elan.London clients receive a complimentary session with our relationship expert…

 Professional Introduction Agency London Professional Dating in London Elizabeth helps you be really attractive to the people you like. Her clients are successful professionals who now want the same fulfilment in their love lives. Whether you have been single for a while or whether it is more recent she can help you let go of anything you might need to let go of to connect with that special person.  She can help with the following:

  • Learn specific dating interpersonal skills that will help you increase the chemistry with your dates
  • Move on from any past relationships or events
  • Be confident on your dates – perhaps you are very confident in your career and social life and less confident when you meet someone you like, she can help you feel confident and relaxed on dates too
  • Have the right mindset and the belief that you can be lucky in love

Elizabeth is a qualified Relationship Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She uses a combination of Relationship Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to help people adapt their behaviour to achieve their romantic goals in life. Each program is tailored to the individual. She teaches at the LCCH (London College of Clinical Hypnosis) established in 1984, they now run a masters qualification with the University of West London.

Formerly a Chartered Accountant, working in the city of London she has an understanding of the pressures of modern day careers. She qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Coach and Master Practitioner with ITS (international Teaching Seminars). She also has Diploma, Practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural qualifications from the LCCH. She is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and abides by their strict code of ethical practice and confidentiality. She is open minded, providing a non-judgemental environment, where she deals with an extremely wide variety of situations.


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Latest Feedback

Below is just a tiny example of the daily feedback we receive from our clients. More testimonials, should you need them can be found on the testimonials page.
"We had a lovely evening and ended up completely forgetting the time, always a good sign.  Thank you very much for putting us in touch, I shall keep you updated..."
"...She is an amazing lady, I think she also feels that spark. We are going on our second date on Friday..."  "Tina, a quick update, this will be our 6th date. I know I would not have met a a woman like this online or randomly, so thank you"
"Just thought you might like to know that ***** and I have had six dates of all different kinds and we are now planning to spend this Valentine's weekend together. :) He has also invited me to his ski chalet in ****** and would like to take me to meet his parents. I shall let you know...but he has been most thoughtful, caring and keen to connect and I have been enjoying a wonderful time with him".   
"...I am thrilled to be able to tell you that Simon and I have become engaged and plan to marry in the Summer of next year. There is no way we would have met without you guys at Elan, so a huge thank you and keep up the good work!"
Simon & Laure

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