Association of British Introduction Agencies

association of british introduction agencies - abiaWe are thrilled and very proud to announce that we are now member of the prestigious Association of British Introduction Agencies (ABIA)!

Membership to this UK professional association is limited to leading introduction agencies who have a proven track record, can prove their credentials, and abide by an ethical code of practice.

We feel this seals our status as a leading, ethical and responsible agency and just one more reason why we are an informed and safe choice when choosing a London matchmaking agency.

‘The ABIA was founded in 1981 at the instigation of the Office of Fair Trading and since then has been a force for quality and fairness in the UK dating industry.
Since 1981, the shape of dating has changed immeasurably and the Internet has brought more choice than could possibly have been imagined by those early pioneers in the 1980s. With such huge choice also comes the challenge of maintaining quality and fairness in the face of the sometimes ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ philosophy of some Internet
entrepreneurs’. (ABIA Guide to Dating and Dating Agencies, 2013)

For your peace of mind, please ensure when choosing a personal introduction agency or matchmaker that they are members of the ABIA. If they are not members, ask them why.

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