London Matchmaker, Best in the World?

Thank you so much for nominating us once again for the iDate Best Matchmaker Award.  Radio 4 called it the Oscars of the dating world and they are not wrong.  In terms of awards, its quite new but in terms of dating awards, it is the first and best. Running for ten years now, only the very best in the industry get nominated and we are thrilled to be nominated for the second year running. Last year we came second by only a teeny fraction of votes. This year, with your help, we can get that coveted number one place.

So can you, will you? Please take a few moments to vote for us. We love what we do and we love finding you love but we would also be overjoyed to get this award.

Here is the link

You need to scroll down for Best Matchmaker

and please vote for

Tina Bradley (

Thank you so much!


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