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Our Ladies…

Are typically well educated, attractive, sociable, intelligent, healthy, fun professionals who are looking for someone very special to complete the picture.  They can easily find dates but would rather not settle for second best.

Some have never been married, are young and are looking to find the perfect partner to start a family with.  Others have a grown up family and have maybe divorced or lost a partner and are now looking to find a perfect ‘someone’ to spend the rest of their lives with.

Typical Profile for a lady member

Sarah is 38 but would pass for 32.  She is a post graduate and has a senior role HR.  She is white, British and speaks fluent French as well as English.

She is a non-smoker and  is 5’ 7” and is slim with long brown hair. She is naturally pretty.

She loves the outdoors and enjoys long walks, running and cycling.  She loves the arts – theatre, ballet, opera as well as galleries. She also enjoys great food, which is a huge pleasure for her – cooking, eating in and out – and she counterbalances that with staying fit and active.  She describes herself as omnivorous when it comes to culture – classical music, monthly theatre trips and lots of exhibitions.  Her friends describe her as intellectual and funny; she loves debate and absurdity.

Her ideal partner, among other things, would be very sharp and curious about life.  He would be quietly confident but above all genuine.


Our Gentlemen…

Are very successful, dynamic, caring, intelligent professionals who know that Ms Right is out there but feel that they haven’t had the opportunity to meet her – yet.  They have a wonderful life with great friends and workmates but to come home to someone special? – well that really would make things perfect.

As with our ladies, some have never been married, some have, all are young at heart and some are just young! – all are looking to find the perfect partner to start a family with.  Others have a grown up family and have maybe divorced or lost a partner and are now looking to find a perfect ‘someone’ to spend the rest of their lives with.

Typical Profile for a gentleman member

Ben is 43 and is a highly intelligent, thoughtful and successful man who has a career in finance. He has a flat in Central London and also has a house in the country and a house in France, which he visits often.

He is 6ft 2”, slim and very fit. Educated to Mphil  level, Ben is very intelligent and enjoys cerebral conversation as well as outdoor pursuits. He also loves to go to amazing restaurants and enjoys a bottle of fine wine to share with a partner.

Ben is white and British and is looking for a long term partner to settle down with and raise a family. He has dark blonde hair, does not smoke and also enjoys running, cooking, current affairs, reading, art galleries and the countryside. He is not too keen on nightclubs or TV.

He is looking for a lady who is intelligent, fit, has the same sort of upbringing as himself (middle class). He has never been married and does not have any children but would definitely like some. He has a great deal to offer the right partner: honesty, commitment, loyalty and financial stability. All in all, Ben is a thoroughly decent and genuine man who would be a loving partner and could share an interesting and exciting lifestyle with the right person.

Of course, those are just two profiles; we have hundreds of professional people as members who are of all ages and from all walks of life.

So whatever your circumstances or whatever chapter you are in your life, we at Elan.London understand your needs and dreams and we work very, very hard to help you fulfill them.

Just give us a chance to prove it to you.

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Latest Feedback

"I know I was asking for the moon, and the world on a stick! But didn't you deliver! She is my dream lady. Beautiful, elegant, clever, sophisticated and the person I want to have children with. Well done, Good Job"
"I thought she was lovely, vivacious, funny and we had great conversation; I hope that we can meet up again"
"We had a lovely evening and ended up completely forgetting the time, always a good sign.  Thank you very much for putting us in touch, I shall keep you updated..."
"...She is an amazing lady, I think she also feels that spark. We are going on our second date on Friday..."  "Tina, a quick update, this will be our 6th date. I know I would not have met a a woman like this online or randomly, so thank you"
"Just thought you might like to know that ***** and I have had six dates of all different kinds and we are now planning to spend this Valentine's weekend together. :) He has also invited me to his ski chalet in ****** and would like to take me to meet his parents. I shall let you know...but he has been most thoughtful, caring and keen to connect and I have been enjoying a wonderful time with him".   
"...I am thrilled to be able to tell you that Simon and I have become engaged and plan to marry in the Summer of next year. There is no way we would have met without you guys at Elan, so a huge thank you and keep up the good work!"
Simon & Laure

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