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Why do successful, attractive people join you?

Busy London and international professionals see the logic in being involved with a reputable agency such as ours.

We not only personally meet every single one of our clients, we also make extremely thoughtful and intelligent matches with like-minded people;  plus we proactively head-hunt and network to find great matches for our clients too.

Whatever it takes to find you, our client their perfect partner. We are very selective too. Only people you would like to meet get invited to membership.

We invite around 30% of the people who contact us. Yes we are exclusive, but that’s what makes us different.

What type of clients do you have?

All of our clients are attractive, personable, successful professionals who are looking for a long-term genuine relationship.

An example of our client occupations:


introduction agency


 What makes Elan.London different?

Glad you asked!

First and foremost, we only ever invite to membership people we know we can work with. There is no hard sell with us. We love what we do and would not be happy working with people we could not help.

Secondly, we have guarantees in place for you so that you know you will be meeting the people you want to meet, not some random people far removed from what you tell us.

Thirdly, there is no maximum amount of people you may meet through us. Although we are avid advocates of quality over quantity, we would not be slow in coming forward if we happen upon someone just perfect for you.

Fourthly, no need to sign up on the spot with us. We like to take our time to invite you to membership (exclusive, remember) and we appreciate you need some time too. If you are looking at other agencies (ensure they are ABIA registered), then please meet us at the end of your search, so we can show you how we are different.

Fifth, what you see on our membership page is what you pay. We are transparent in fees and methods. No monthly charges, no extras.

Sixth, we are recognised by the international dating industry as being one of the best matchmakers in the world (iDate). That is incredible when you think of all the great matchmakers and introduction agencies out there. We were runners up by a horse-whisker in 2014 and are finalists in 2015. Watch this space for more awards.

Seventh, because we are one of the best agencies in the world, we are more than happy to back that up by being members of the ABIA, which means we operate in an open and ethical manner; have a long standing, proven, successful matchmaking model, and adhere to a strict code of conduct. We are trustworthy and give the best guarantee in the industry.


What is the average age of your members?

Our membership tends to be from age 25 – 65.

What is the term of your membership?

Our usual membership is for six months. You can also freeze membership for up to 3 months if you would like to take time out with a special person we have introduced you to, or if you have a hectic travelling schedule.

What are your fees?

Please look at our Membership Packages here.

Can you guarantee a marriage?

No. No-one can do that.  We cannot make anyone fall in love with you. What we will do is this; listen carefully to what your expectations are at the initial consultation; and if we feel that we can realistically find quality potential partners to introduce to you, we will tell you.

We will also tell you if we don’t think we can. To give you some guidance on the likelihood of you finding a partner with us:  Internet Dating has a 9% success rate, the personal introductions way is far greater than that. Elan.London can boast an 80% success rate.

I am married and just want to meet some new friends for fun…

Sorry, this is definitely NOT the agency for you.  We only encourage applications from individuals who are single and are serious about embarking on a committed, long-term relationship.

What is your female to male ratio?

We try to keep that balanced at 50% male and 50% female.  If we find that the balance is shifting either way, we either postpone any new members of either gender or increase our marketing to re-balance the gender ratio.

How do you attract Members?

We do a terrific amount of PR, marketing, advertising and of course networking to make sure we have a healthy and robust portfolio of super-quality potential matches for you. Never underestimate the power of who know’s who.

The 6 degrees of separation theory (replicated and proven many times) is at the very core of what we do. That is why our networking is a key component of our service.

Also, we receive a great amount of referrals from members who have met their dream partners, or from contacts who love what we do.

Our CEO, Tina Bradley has successfully matched people for more than 25 years – couples who are still happily married with grown children now. She has great connections in all the right places, as do all Elan Consultants.

Do you match nationally or internationally?

Only with our Sovereign Membership. Please ask for details.

Can you match me on religion?

Unfortunately not. We do not match clients completely based on compatible religions. However, there are quite a few agencies that focus on that.  Google is your friend in this respect. We cannot recommend any other agencies at the moment.

Can I talk to you about my friend/mother/father/sister/brother?…

Our service is for adults who are committed to finding a long term partner. Therefore, we could not possibly entertain a conversation with a third party on their behalf.

What is your Ethos?

Simple. We aim to be the best matchmaking agency in the world.  No small undertaking, we know. But we believe we have the perfect formula of attracting the right people,  matching them with exactly the right potential partners (evidenced by our outstanding 80% success rate) and giving them the best customer service in the industry.

We are runners up Best Matchmaker in the World 2014 and finalists Best Matchmaker in the World 2015.

Did we miss something?  Please ask us at your Consultation…


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Latest Feedback

"I know I was asking for the moon, and the world on a stick! But didn't you deliver! She is my dream lady. Beautiful, elegant, clever, sophisticated and the person I want to have children with. Well done, Good Job"
"I thought she was lovely, vivacious, funny and we had great conversation; I hope that we can meet up again"
"We had a lovely evening and ended up completely forgetting the time, always a good sign.  Thank you very much for putting us in touch, I shall keep you updated..."
"...She is an amazing lady, I think she also feels that spark. We are going on our second date on Friday..."  "Tina, a quick update, this will be our 6th date. I know I would not have met a a woman like this online or randomly, so thank you"
"Just thought you might like to know that ***** and I have had six dates of all different kinds and we are now planning to spend this Valentine's weekend together. :) He has also invited me to his ski chalet in ****** and would like to take me to meet his parents. I shall let you know...but he has been most thoughtful, caring and keen to connect and I have been enjoying a wonderful time with him".   
"...I am thrilled to be able to tell you that Simon and I have become engaged and plan to marry in the Summer of next year. There is no way we would have met without you guys at Elan, so a huge thank you and keep up the good work!"
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