4 Crucial Questions to ask a Matchmaker…

Did you know that Matchmaking, that beautiful art of placing two people together successfully, has been established for quite some time?  Here is a great article on the History of Matchmaking
Here in London, Matchmakers or Introduction Agencies as they were known, have been matching like-minded people since the 1930’s.  In those days, eligible ladies and gentlemen from a certain sociatal strata would be matched, mainly based on child bearing age, titles and social standing. Ahem.

Now, of course, the world of personal matchmaking is available to most people. There are agencies to suit everyone.  Here at Elan London, our clients tend to be educated, successful, senior professionals from all industries.  They see matchmaking as an effective and intelligent way to meet the right sort of person. People like them.  They are busy and appreciate that time is a finite resource. That’s why they engage a matchmaker.

So, if the world of professional matchmaking is not familiar to you, what should you ask?

How long have you been matching people?  This is super important and although longevity in a business does not equate to success, it does mean that the agency is established and not some fly-by-night who will be gone tomorrow.

Are you a member of the Association of British Introduction Agencies? This is an organisation set up through government suggestion.  It is not easy to become a member. All members are checked for longevity, a proven, successful matchmaking model and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Please be careful about engaging an agency who is not a member.

Do you guarantee a certain amount of matches?  Most reputable agencies will tell you how many people you can expect to meet. Be mindful though that personal matchmaking is very different to online dating. It is very much quality over quantity. Obviously, if you would like a large amount of people to date, and you are happy to screen people and have the time, online dating would be the way to go.

What sort of people do you have in your membership?  A great question and one you should always ask to see if it is worth meeting a particular matchmaker.  Sometimes agencies tend to attract a certain type of person. Are they the sort of person you are looking to meet? Here at Elan London, we tend to attract educated senior professionals.  People who are usually fit and enjoy looking after themselves, people who very much enjoy travel and trying new things. They are attractive, personable and good to be around. If we don’t enjoy meeting someone, we don’t invite them to membership. We have probably met people from every professional occupation and also from every nationality. London is obviously very cosmopolitan and our agency reflects that.

We hope this helps in your search for the perfect Matchmaking Agency for you.

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