The Best Matchmakers in the World?

It’s that time of year again folks! The iDate award nominations (it’s like the Oscars for the dating industry). Last year we were in the top 6 and ended up #2 in the world for Best Matchmaker. Obviously this year, we want the #1 spot!

Without wishing to blow our own trumpets, and with all the wonderful relationships we have helped create this year, we would love to win.

idate awardsSo would you please nominateĀ us? it’s super-simple, just put in our web address in the section for Best Matchmaker at the link below.

Here is the part you need to enter –

Site to be nominated:

Then you just fill in your name, email and confirm your nomination via the email they send you and that’s it – done! Your good deed for the day!

Here’s the link

Thank you so much!