A Bespoke Introductions Agency

bespoke introductions agency londonBespoke. You hear that word a lot and lately even some internet dating sites will call themselves ‘bespoke’ or ‘matchmakers’ but by definition that cannot be so.

Actually, if you try to search for the definition of bespoke, you will find the word usually refers to clothing –  made to order. (Oxford English Dictionary)

I guess the key phrase is ‘made to order’ or in other words a personal service.  Especially for you. Something tailored to your needs, requirements and desires.

Yes we offer a very personal and bespoke service.  But we also like to think of our clients as dear friends.

We are also a little different at Elan.London in that we do not offer membership to everyone who makes an enquiry.  You may be surprised to know that membership is offered to only around 30% of enquirers.

The reason for this is simple but forward thinking.  We are determined to be known as the best Introductions Agency in the world, and we want to be known for that through referrals, which means very, very happy, satisfied clients.  It’s really important to  us.

So when Elan.London was formed, we had a very clear idea of who we wanted as clients and who we felt we could help.  Of the 70% we don’t offer membership to, well that doesn’t mean they are ‘not good enough’. It just means they would probably not fit in with our existing clientele.  As far as we know, we are the only agency that actually goes away, takes a thoughtful look through our portfolio and when we are absolutely certain that we can introduce our client to exactly the right person, well, only then will we offer membership.

Why would we turn away business?  Sometimes people approach us for the wrong reasons, sometimes our core age group is not suitable for them (we usually attract 30’s and 40’s – but are actively building a very strong and exciting portfolio of 50’s and 60’s too).

Sometimes people don’t match our core prerequisites – educated, professional, attractive, successful, personable and looking for a long term relationship.

We won’t ever compromise on the calibre of our members.  We spent around nine months researching what clients were looking for in a bespoke agency and one of the main complaints was that the quality of introductions was lacking.

So, as a result, that is at the core of our agency.  Quality introductions with people just like you.

It’s not easy of course, attracting the right people and we do spend an awful lot of time and effort in ensuring we exceed your expectations but if it’s important to you, it’s doubly important to us.

We have lots of initiatives in place to ensure you love our experience such as responding to any client emails within 24 hours, weekend calls, out of office calls and complimentary membership to our exclusive events plus more.

We are adding to the Elan experience all the time and have some very, very exciting projects scheduled during 2014. We constantly follow the practice of Kaizen.


If you would like an informal chat with us, please do contact us by email or phone.

E: enquiries@elanlondon.co.uk

T: 0207 630 6015