Spring and Finding Love

Matchmaking in London

Spring is here. It is a time of change, and romance is in the air. If you’ve been single for a while, you may be looking for a change as well. There are many ways that one can go about finding love. Being proactive is the most important factor and there are ways, however, to find that special someone. Ways that are easier and more successful than others. 

Around the world, singles have different challenges and finding a Dating Matchmaker in London is an option that many successful professionals choose.  But what about the options? With the demands and time constraints of modern corporate culture, you may find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to date. Where are you supposed to find the time? There are a couple options; 

Romance with Co-workers
Some may see this as a controversial decision. After all, if things go wrong the fallout can spill from your romantic life and into your professional life as well. Despite this, there are many stories of co-workers becoming life-long partners. There are several benefits to this option, and some obvious downfalls. 

A major plus when it comes to dating co-workers is that you won’t have to go out of your way to meet people. If you’re a busy person, and don’t have a lot of time, this can be a godsend. Another benefit is the fact that your potential partner will likely have similar interests. They are in the same profession, after all. 

The negatives are quite easy to see. If things don’t go well, and end on a sour note, it could cause tension in the workplace. It may also create drama with fellow co-workers if they’re the dramatic sort. 

Despite these flaws, this can be a great approach. If you handle it properly. If things don’t work out, make sure to end it on a positive and friendly note. There is no reason your co-workers should have to know about your relationships either. If you are able to be discreet, and keep things positive, all should go well.

Using A Matchmaker
Matchmaking is an efficient way to find a partner, especially if you’re a busy person. Although there is more of a monetary investment than seeking a partner in your workplace, the odds of meeting Mr or Miss are significantly higher. This option also has some of the benefits of the previous one discussed. Matchmaking can easily help you find someone with a similar profession and set of interests. 

Also, there are not very many downfalls to finding a partner using this method. The only issue that may arise is cost, but when it comes to finding your soul mate, what price would you put on love? 

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The State of Dating in the UK

29 is the average age in the Uk to get married

15 million people in the UK are currently estimated to be single.

Half of these people are looking for a long-term relationship.

75% of them have not had a relationship for more than 18 months.

4 is the average number of dates each of them will have in one year.

43% of people Google their first date before they meet them.

Lambeth in south London has the UK’s highest percentage of single people.

One-third of online dating users admit to lying in their profile.

88% of women aren’t bothered by baldness in a man.

3% of those looking for a serious relationship will send a follow-up text immediately after a first date.

How Internet Dating has been duping Daters

A very disturbing expose by Channel 4 revealed that users of internet dating sites are often duped into paying more money by employing staff to pretend they are members.

They also revealed that they randomly add members to numerous other unsuitable dating sites without permission.

We have always said that even though internet dating has produced some happy relationships, for the vast  majority, it is somewhat disappointing in that it is rife with people who are not as honest as one would hope.

We obviously ensure that all of our members are who they say they are and are totally genuine in their desire to find a long term partner.  To arrange a consultation, please contact us.

Read the Channel 4 News article here…