Why We Love, Why We Cheat.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic – love – and explains its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its social importance.

Just a Few Reasons to Love Elan.London

Dating LondonYou would think with all the different avenues open to Londoners to find love, it would be a doddle.  There’s speed dating, dating events, online personals, internet dating, app dating -supermarket dating (what happened to that?) etc etc etc.

‘Not so!’ you say, and quite rightly.  We all know, Londoners work VERY hard, some play hard too and for the vast majority of singles, finding that special person seems to get more and more difficult.

That’s where Elan.London step in with aplomb… herewith you will find some reasons to love us, no apologies – you will love us, we promise!

1. You are stuck at work putting the finishing touches to a project that you have been working on for, well it has to be six months now.  Yes you’d like to go out on the town with a bunch of friends to meet Ms or Mr Right, but, for now you have to complete the task at hand.  Guess what?  Elan.London Consultants are out there on your behalf, seven days a week, networking at the right events, meeting people you may never get the chance to meet. Chance encounters sound wonderful, but while you are stuck in work?  We reduce the odds for you. Think of us as your own private army of matchmakers.

2. You have been on that internet dating site for 3 months now and you are getting a little bit jaded about the whole process.  Yes, you have met a couple of people but it is beginning to feel like having a second career with the time it takes to wade through profiles, get around to speaking on the phone and eventually meeting up. Remember that guy who said he was 6ft, but was actually 5’6″? Oh and that lady who’s picture was 20 years out of date? Not to mention the tons of email ping pong you are having to get involved in  just to establish a connection. Elan.London personally interview every single person you will ever meet through us.  No fibbing bios, no faded pictures.  If we don’t think that person is a great match for you in 5 core ways, you won’t be meeting them, it’s as simple and stress-free as that.

3. You are thinking ‘How can I be sure that I have chosen a great introduction agency?  How will I know that this agency will do the very best job for me?  I need reassurances!”

Elan.London are very proud to be the only agency in the world (yes THE BIG WIDE WORLD!) who offer a triple guarantee.  We have seen other agencies try to emulate Elan and we sincerely hope they do with this initiative too.  We take great pride and satisfaction in being the very best in the industry.  We are growing bigger by being better.  We couldn’t be fairer – If you don’t think we are the best agency in London, we will refund you, it’s a simple as that.

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