What Your Business Card Says About You

Business Cards are obviously an excellent way of passing out contact details as well as giving the people you meet a way to remember you. But the content and design of your business card is extremely important; when you leave someone with your card, that card becomes your identity, and so it is paramount you take care to consider its style.

It is a well-known saying that a picture speaks a thousand words, and in many aspects this applies to your business card too – the colour, feel and font of the text on the card all play a major role in painting a picture of your life and your personality, and seeing as there are only so many words you can fit on a small piece of paper, this importance is heightened.

When choosing a colour theme for your card remember that different colours have different meanings: for example, red can symbolise confidence, power and passion whereas green signifies nature and well-being. White indicates purity and cleanliness and yellow is for wisdom and intellectual energy. Choose a colour that best sums up your personality and what you want to say about yourself – you’d be surprised the effect it has. Where you live in London may have some impact too.

Another important consideration to make is the type of paper you use for your cards. A good quality paper is much more likely to say something positive about you, as it is part of the first impression of yourself that you are giving out.  But you can also decide on the shape of your card – do you want to go for the more traditional, typical business card shape or something a little different? An unusual -shaped business card will bring out your quirky nature; strong, straight edges will show you to as the more professional and ordered individual whereas rounded edges are more subtle and gentle. Who are you?  Express yourself!

elan londonHere at Elan.London, we like to have a photograph of our consultants on the back of the  business card. Because personal introductions is such an intimate business, people like to see who they will be dealing with and also it helps for contacts to remember you if you are in a very crowded reception!

Of course, if you work in a corporate environment, you may not have much choice in the style of your card, but there is nothing stopping you having a personal card for when you socialise and are meeting people via introductions with Elan.London, the Exclusive Introduction Agency in London.

The layout of your card can be used to portray several aspects of your personality. Do you see yourself as professional, sophisticated and organised? – If so, keep your layout ordered and simple to reflect this: using straight lines and a simple design are just a few ways of achieving this look.

Or are you more of a unique individual? Do you like to be a bit unpredictable? Your business card can show this with a more disorganised layout – use a mixture of colours, and vary the alignment of your text. You may want to bring out your elusive and mysterious nature by including only the minimum amount of information on your card – even more reason to get back in touch and find out more!

JokermanThe choice of an appropriate font is often a difficult one with so many to choose from. It helps to work out what type of look you want to use before looking through the list, as this can be less time-consuming then going through an entire repertoire of fonts and finding ten fonts you just cannot chose between.  Make sure the font is representative of your personality – unless you are a teenager avoid the font aptly named ‘Jokerman’, which is sure to send people running for the hills!

Finally, before you let your business or social cards leave your person, ensure that they are clean and un-ravaged by the depths of your pocket, handbag or wallet – they really are a good representation of who you are.

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