Why Confidence is so Attractive

local matchmaking servicesFirst of all let’s separate confidence from arrogance.  Confidence is a belief in oneself and abilities – a certain self reliance.

Arrogance however, is a display of superiority and is probably the main turn-off that every single one of our clients mention.

People want to meet people who are comfortable in their own skin. They want to meet someone who they feel is worth getting to know and investing time with. They want to meet someone who will bring value into their life. Confident people exude a vitality and joie de vivre which is irresistible.  All charismatic people are confident. Always.

Confidence comes from knowing something for sure (or as close as we can be to ‘for sure’). If we have been in a long term relationship and then find ourselves thinking about dating again, our confidence may be on the low end in terms of that aspect of our lives.  Obviously practice makes perfect but what to do when meeting someone for the first time?

Firstly, don’t treat the date as though you were going to meet ‘the one’. There is no quicker way to feel anxious and nervous and to come across as such.

The person who is keen to meet you wants to meet a relaxed, confident person. So relax and enjoy it. Think of it in terms of meeting someone who is about to become a friend. Have fun, laugh, be interested in them, sparkle and show them what a fabulous catch you are.

They will be back for more.

You may want to also work on making yourself look good – a great way to get confidence superfast.

Keep healthy, that glow will make your confidence soar!

Develop your interests. Confident and desirable people don’t waste a moment of their lives. They are interested and interesting.

At Elan.London we recognise the importance of guiding you through your introductions. We offer a complimentary session with a dating expert so that you can make the most of the process and are always on hand to talk about your dates and provide feedback.