How to Kill the Chance of a Second Date Using Social Media

There’s been a bit of a hoo ha recently over ill considered tweets from and about some well known figures.  But some of us not so well known twitterers should also be careful what we tweet about.

Here’s a story we were told recently by a friend… a lady meets a guy at a business event and they get on great!  They spend most of the evening chatting to each other and all the signals were there that both found each other attractive.

They both agreed that it would be an excellent idea to see each other again, perhaps over dinner.

The lady in question was not really into social media but, having been stung by a past relationship, she thought she would ‘Google’ the guy she met.  Up came his twitter feed and so feeling like a bit of a sneak, she read it.  It was after all there for anyone to see.

What  she saw determined their future right there. He was boasting to his followers that it was best to leave people wanting more, ‘Just like I did last night’ (wink wink) Oh dear.

There is a flip side to all this in that, all though unpleasant to read, the lady probably saved herself some heartache down the road, so maybe its a good idea to let people have free rein on social media platforms – but you never know who may be reading it….

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