What Makes a Great London Matchmaker?

matchmaker londonA London Matchmaker has to have many skills and personality traits to be successful. Elan.London receives many applications to join our team.

So what are we looking for when we interview potential matchmakers?

A matchmaker must have had life experience and be able to relate to our clients and their lifestyles.

Having been married, divorced and active on the singles market although sometimes not something to aspire to, it has a positive effect when matchmaking in that the matchmaker will be able to empathise and relate to our clients.

Having a degree in psychology is not necessarily going to make someone into a natural matchmaker. Better to be a people person, someone who can very quickly establish what our client is looking for and what sort of person would be perfect for them.  Intuition is important as is someone who has experience in a listening/helping profession.

Of course potential matchmakers are reliable, punctual and organised!

A great memory is vital too.  Our matchmakers are able to establish very quickly whether we have the sort of person out client is looking for in our portfolio or whether we will be able to find that person.

Elan.London matchmakers are used to socialising at high end events and interacting with senior professionals with ease. They are well spoken, well dressed and articulate and have an incredible social network.

Our matchmakers are fun, enjoy life  and really love helping people with one of the most important decisions of their life.