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The latest addition to our team, Miia Koponen tells us about her journey to Elan London…

matchmakerWhen I first started working in the Matchmaking industry I thought it was a bit bonkers: people really letting someone else choose their partner? I was young and carefree and easily met partner candidates (alas not always that suitable!). So to me, it did seem a bit unusual indeed. I had however, always had an interest in human interaction, the psychology of romance and how people choose their partners so from that perspective, I was landing a perfect job!

For the past eleven years I worked for a very established introduction agency in London and learned the ins and outs of matching, people’s quirks when it comes to dating and how for some people, finding a partner was just another (very important) box they wanted to tick in their lives. I worked alongside some amazing people whose background ranged from psychotherapy to running a photography business. I was lucky to have many mentors during my time at my first matchmaking agency.

For the past few years I was the most senior and most experienced consultant at that place and my feet were itching – I wanted a new challenge and a new opportunity. When the company was taken over by a new owner I was ready to move on. I knew it would be well looked after by the team and the new owner and I handed in my resignation.

I knew I loved matchmaking, helping people in one of their most important and sensitive areas of their lives and I would have been keen to stay within the industry but I also knew that opportunities very rarely arose as it was a small industry. I contacted one agency – a same sex matchmaking company – I knew of who sadly didn’t have any opportunities. I started thinking of other options and went on to have couple of interviews for recruiter positions – matchmakers and recruiters have quite a lot of transferrable skills! However, recruitment just didn’t feel right. I then saw Elan London advertising a Senior Consultant position and couldn’t actually believe it – I applied straight away and was invited for an interview by Tina Bradley who owns Elan. The interview went well and a little while after Tina offered me the position – I was thrilled!

I’m just coming to an end of my first month at Elan and I thoroughly enjoy it. I have started working with some incredible clients and am looking forward to be able to introduce them to some equally amazing matches whilst guiding, coaching and mentoring them along the way. What I really like about Elan is that Tina trusts my experience and expertise with clients and although am very much guided and mentored by her, I also have my independence and my own style of working with the clients. I seem to have much more time and energy to give to my clients now, than I ever did in my previous role. We really care about our clients at Elan London!


Well Hello 2015

matchmakerBy now, we should all be refreshed, recovered and raring to go into 2015.

Happy New Year!


Apart from all the parties, the Christmas break is always a time for reflection.

Time to reflect about our careers, businesses, spirituality, relationships and also to plan to grow.

Where are we going?

Growth is what makes us interesting, vibrant and brings meaning to our lives. It’s what makes us get up in the morning with a smile rather than a grimace. Growth is about being better, making our lives better and giving back.

So what are your plans for 2015? Did you have time to think about those? Did you have time to think about yourself? You should you know.

To quote an old cliche – life is short. How do you want your life story to be?

If your plan in 2015 is to absolutely be proactive in finding the love of your life, then we can help.

We successfully match 80% of our clients. Success means they are in a long term relationship or marriage.

The other 20% usually don’t find the time to meet the gorgeous people we introduce. Too busy, no time! It’s a shame but that’s how it is. How wonderful it would be to say we have a 100% success rate!

Please make sure your heart is in finding your love and that you can find the time to meet her or him this year. This is important stuff. It will fulfill you, make you healthier (yes!) and bring you great joy. Sharing life is what we were meant to do. You do not need to be alone.

Have the most amazing year full of love, joy, health, peace and prosperity.

If you think we can help you, just let us know…

How to Choose the Best Matchmaker in London

matchmaking for professionalsYou have decided to choose a matchmaker/introductions agency rather than continue (or even begin) with online dating or other methods to find your soul mate.

But there are quite a few to choose from in London and indeed worldwide.


So, how exactly do you choose?


> First, obviously is do you like the look of their website. Is it professional, does the text resonate with you?

> Are they easily contactable?  Phone numbers, email, addresses etc.

> Are they even active?  When you send an email, do you get a response within 1 working day? How about social media, are they active on there if they say they are?

> Testimonials – can they provide proof?

> What age groups do they mainly match?

> How do they conduct the consultation?  Is it totally professional?  Do they get enough information about you and who you are looking for?

> Are they totally transparent in their fee structure and process or are you forced to call them and book a consultation to find out?

> Are they a limited company and VAT registered? The former means they are serious and the latter will indicate the amount of clients (turnover) they have in a year. If they are not VAT registered, they are highly unlikely to be a successful business.

> How long have they been in business?  Although being in business for decades does NOT equate to you finding your perfect partner,  (some introduction agencies are old and stale and have been doing the same thing over and over again and are not proactive in finding you a partner) but it is worth finding out about the person who is in charge of the business and their background.

> Trust your instincts, would you trust that person?

> How many members do they have in their portfolio?

> What is the ratio men to women?

> How do they match you?

> What happens after the consultation?  Do they immediately want to sign you up (after saying they have thousands of members) or do they considerately say that they will check their portfolio to ensure that they have exactly the sort of person you are looking for, and only then invite you to membership?

> If they immediately accept you, ask about the calibre of membership

> Ask about guarantees

> Can they guarantee a marriage? Be careful about this.  No one can guarantee a marriage where love is involved.

> Ask them when you can expect your first introduction

> How many introductions will you get?

> What kind of people will you meet?

> Will they only introduce you to people you have stipulated you want to meet? Or will they send all manner of people to fulfill quotas?

> What added value do they offer?  Not a totally necessary question but some agencies (ie. Elan.London) will offer added benefits like networking and highly exclusive events that you would not have access to otherwise)

Lots of questions, we know.  But we love these questions at Elan.London because we know we can answer them honestly and with confidence.

If you have any more to add to this, please do contact us.

E: enquiries@elanlondon.co.uk

T: 0207 630 6015

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Six Degrees of Separation and the Matchmaker

london matchmakerThe famous Small World Experiment conducted in the 1960’s showed that everyone and everything is just six or less steps away.

Let me say that again;

Everyone on this planet is separated by only six other people.

Wow.  That obviously has had huge implications for all manner of interactions.  But it’s only just recently that modern matchmaking has embraced that idea.

One of the core concepts of Elan.London is to utilise this well-known and well-tested notion in the art of matchmaking.

Traditionally, introduction agencies (as we are known in the UK) or matchmakers (a term more used in the US) would advertise for clients and match people within their ‘pool’ of members.

We have always felt that this was a bit limiting, and wanting to do more for our clients, we studied the 6 Degrees of Separation model and incorporated that into our matchmaking structure.

So here is how it works… we not only match you with our current members, we also match you with suitable, successful, attractive singles that we know too.  Imagine a team of very well connected people. People who may well know your ‘one’.  It doesn’t stop there though…

As a team we are also networking 7 days a week, meeting people; meeting your perfect partner perhaps?

This is why we believe that Elan.London has the very best strategy to find your life partner. It’s why we work so hard to get it right for you. It’s why the love of your life is only 6 people away from you – via us.

You can contact us on 0207 6306015 to find out more.