Serious Question – Do you have time to find Love?

matchmaking agencyOur success rate is an impressive 80% but do you know what happens to the other 20%?


Living and working in London is super hectic. Our clients (and most people in London) work very hard. They also have full social lives and friendships.  All of this takes time, obviously.

When you are used to working long, long hours and filling days with all the other fabulous things that London has to offer, it will be a challenge to make some space to actually meet someone special.

At Elan.London, we drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to find a partner  but one of our biggest frustrations is when we have a perfect match for a client and they are just too busy to meet them. Then times flies by, the moment is gone and the person meets someone else.

You may think that it wasn’t meant to be then but we are a little more realistic and proactive and truly believe that to find true love, to find a lasting life long relationship, you MUST be proactive and you absolutely MUST make time to meet people.

That’s our 20% and that’s why we always ask every potential client, ‘Be honest, do you have time to meet someone?’

You see, taking action and making the decision to find ‘the one’, doesn’t stop when you engage a matchmaking agency, you need to ensure you have the rest of your life balanced so that you can let someone in. You have to be available for a date and of course you have to be available for a relationship.

So, do you have the time? How important is finding your soul mate to you? Will you regret not making the time?

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