Gentlemen, what not to do on a first date…

First dates can be exciting and thrilling but also daunting. Without wishing to further worry you gentlemen out there, there is a teeny situation of etiquette when meeting a lady for the first time, and of course vice versa.

So, below we have a very handsome chart of what are the worst things a man can do on a first date according to readers.

uk matchmaker

Ahh, so if you arrive a little late, it’s not nearly as bad as being rude to the waiter!

We can add some more; of course the following are not examples of our clients behaviour, just bits and pieces we have heard over the years and though ‘Oh my!’ – our gentlemen would certainly never behave in such a manner!

  • flirting with the waiter (yes the waiter)
  • not turning up
  • ordering the lady’s food
  • getting a calculator out at the end of the meal to work out who had what
  • getting drunk
  • flirting with the waitress
  • bringing your best buddie
  • climbing out the bathroom window (!!)

I am sure you have plenty more to add…

But here’s hoping your next first date is perfectly lovely!