The London Singleton’s New Year’s Resolutions 2014

elite datingActually a lot of these could apply to (almost) anyone but we have given them the Elan.London client slant…

The most popular (and predictable) new years resolutions for most of the population are…

Get fitter – funnily enough most of our members are pretty fit; (even if we say so ourselves) hobbies include running, skiing, pilates, yoga, gym, swimming, sailing, dancing, hiking, zumba, martial arts and horse riding etc.

Lose weight – again, without wishing to be smug monkeys, our members are not really over-weight. Ladies from a petite size 6 up to a 10 and gents as fit as fiddles.

Quit smoking – nope no smokers with us (or maybe an occasional one once a year when at a party…)

Quit drinking – what! when there is Dom Perignon in the world?

Meet the one – ahh, this is it, the biggie. Yes all of our members want to meet their ‘one’ and here is where they come to do just that

Travel more – our lovely clients are very well travelled but still have that wanderlust and would love to have that special person to enjoy the world’s wonders with.

Meet more new people – difficult when you work hard.  Watch this space though as Elan.London may have a solution for you in 2014.  Send us an email to and ask to be put on our special guest list.  ‘Nuff said.

Help others – worthy, noble and lovely. Whilst not wishing to steer anyone in any way whatsover, we have a few wonderful causes that we support and that perhaps you could take a look at?


Happy 2014!