How to Choose the Best Matchmaker in London

matchmaking for professionalsYou have decided to choose a matchmaker/introductions agency rather than continue (or even begin) with online dating or other methods to find your soul mate.

But there are quite a few to choose from in London and indeed worldwide.


So, how exactly do you choose?


> First, obviously is do you like the look of their website. Is it professional, does the text resonate with you?

> Are they easily contactable?  Phone numbers, email, addresses etc.

> Are they even active?  When you send an email, do you get a response within 1 working day? How about social media, are they active on there if they say they are?

> Testimonials – can they provide proof?

> What age groups do they mainly match?

> How do they conduct the consultation?  Is it totally professional?  Do they get enough information about you and who you are looking for?

> Are they totally transparent in their fee structure and process or are you forced to call them and book a consultation to find out?

> Are they a limited company and VAT registered? The former means they are serious and the latter will indicate the amount of clients (turnover) they have in a year. If they are not VAT registered, they are highly unlikely to be a successful business.

> How long have they been in business?  Although being in business for decades does NOT equate to you finding your perfect partner,  (some introduction agencies are old and stale and have been doing the same thing over and over again and are not proactive in finding you a partner) but it is worth finding out about the person who is in charge of the business and their background.

> Trust your instincts, would you trust that person?

> How many members do they have in their portfolio?

> What is the ratio men to women?

> How do they match you?

> What happens after the consultation?  Do they immediately want to sign you up (after saying they have thousands of members) or do they considerately say that they will check their portfolio to ensure that they have exactly the sort of person you are looking for, and only then invite you to membership?

> If they immediately accept you, ask about the calibre of membership

> Ask about guarantees

> Can they guarantee a marriage? Be careful about this.  No one can guarantee a marriage where love is involved.

> Ask them when you can expect your first introduction

> How many introductions will you get?

> What kind of people will you meet?

> Will they only introduce you to people you have stipulated you want to meet? Or will they send all manner of people to fulfill quotas?

> What added value do they offer?  Not a totally necessary question but some agencies (ie. Elan.London) will offer added benefits like networking and highly exclusive events that you would not have access to otherwise)

Lots of questions, we know.  But we love these questions at Elan.London because we know we can answer them honestly and with confidence.

If you have any more to add to this, please do contact us.


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