Have Daters Become Too Picky in Big Cities?

In an article in the Guardian today, Katy Guest writes that people who read are better lovers – now that’s great news for you who have a book on the go at all times! Apparently heavy reading increases empathy and on dating sites, it makes a user more likely to choose the profile that says ‘reading’ on their hobbies. In a way it does make sense – most of us are attracted to people who are intellectually stimulated, who enjoy learning and spending their time in a way that enhances brain activity and creativity.

In dating there are so many elements people are looking for in a prospective partner and I believe that in London, the requirement list is longer than some other areas – we have so much choice here and so many different types of dating services from apps, to online dating to pop-up dinner dating to personal introduction agencies. In London we have the crème of the crop, and yet more and more people find themselves single in cities such as London.

Why is that? What has happened to the dating scene in big cities? Have people become so confused by all the choice that they don’t really know what they want anymore? I would argue that is very close to reality. Having worked in the dating industry for many years now, I’ve seen a shift from more traditional dating to something completely new and contemporary; it’s almost like dating on the go –  where no-one is in a hurry to actually find someone but just keeps on looking until something outstanding comes along. The question is; is that the unicorn everyone is chasing? Does it exist? Sadly no, no one is completely perfect.

At Elan London Dating Agency we offer a VIP service to all our clients – we provide professional guidance, coaching and matchmaking. Our approach is very organic and tailor-made for each individual. We want the London dating scene to be full of happy, confident and secure daters!

We can provide a very personalised service for you, we can help you get over  ‘dating fatique’ or any confusion you may have after experiences with online dating or apps. We will create a positive, encouraging and pro-active dating strategy for you. If you’d like to know more, I would love to have a chat with you!
Miia Koponen
Senior Consultant, Coach and Matchmaker

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