You Knock our Socks Off

london dating matchmakerWe go to many, many high end networking events every week, every month, and of course people are fascinated with what we do.

One of the things that we can’t help sharing is the absolutely amazing singles we have as members.

Honestly, we are really not just saying that.  We have lost count of the amount of times we have come back from a consultation and said ‘Well, I have no idea why he/she is single!’


And then actually, yes we do.

Successful, sophisticated, career orientated, selective, don’t want to trawl bars, hate internet dating, etc etc.

So, all these very, very attractive singles;  articulate, fun, intelligent, successful, genuine, interesting and interested gorgeous people;  Well, where do they go to meet like-minded partners; their equal?

They come to us to meet you.

Call us, we know what we are doing, you will not be disappointed, and we are so excited about the possibilities for you in 2014!

Please note: we never accept clients who we think we can’t match.  So when we say yes to you, you can be sure (guaranteed) to meet incredible people.

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