From all Walks of Life

London matchmakerAs you can imagine, as a professional dating agency, we are always very busy meeting new clients and potential matches and we are constantly amazed at the diversity of our membership.

From politicians to surgeons to actors to peers of the realm to entrepreneurs and barristers, oh and lots of creative people too – actors, directors, writers, designers. (That picture to the left, should look like a cupid made from the occupations of all our members – hmm)

Our members, well they all have quite a few things in common though;  An avid interest in life, travel, lots of hobbies and a need to make the most of their time here PLUS a real desire to share that time with a like-minded partner.

Of course life is wonderful, especially in London, but it’s human nature to want to share that with someone special. Your best friend, confidant, lover, soul mate.

It’s only natural.

If you would like to hear more about our fantastic members, please do let us buy you a coffee.

Telephone; 0207 630 6015