Why a strict blueprint is not a good idea in Matchmaking

london matchmaking serviceWe all have our preferences when choosing a partner, and with a little time, we do tend to establish a ‘blueprint’ of our ‘perfect’ one.

But the interesting thing is, as we become older, we re-evaluate that blueprint and realise that, actually, it’s probably been holding us back from finding the love of our life.

That’s not to say we ‘settle’, it’s a development of understanding that the world does not work to a strict blueprint; and possibly that we are not perfect and so really shouldn’t expect others to be.

Here at Elan.London, we have been overjoyed ( nay, ecstatic!) when a certain lady or gentleman has relaxed his or her very strict criteria and meets the partner who fulfills their life totally – someone they would have never met if they had not relaxed that criteria.

If you have ever watch Sex and the City, you will remember Charlotte being a prime example of finding a joyous relationship with someone who would have been ‘off her radar’ previously.

We do of course work on our clients preferences and don’t deviate from that too much, unless…

We feel that a particular person is such an amazing match, a totally unmissable introduction – then we just have to suggest her or him.  We would not be doing our job properly if we didn’t.  It makes us very, very happy (and maybe a little smug) when things work out more than just fine.

If you are thinking of engaging Matchmaking Services, by all means have your preferences to hand but also please, please be open to new opportunities.  Some people feel that they will miss out on allocated introductions if they agree to meet someone who does not tick every single box but here at Elan.London, we have no maximum introductions and if we feel that a certain person is perfect for you, we will suggest that introduction and tell you why; and you can rest assured that it will not count as one of your guaranteed introductions.