Six Degrees of Separation and the Matchmaker

london matchmakerThe famous Small World Experiment conducted in the 1960’s showed that everyone and everything is just six or less steps away.

Let me say that again;

Everyone on this planet is separated by only six other people.

Wow.  That obviously has had huge implications for all manner of interactions.  But it’s only just recently that modern matchmaking has embraced that idea.

One of the core concepts of Elan.London is to utilise this well-known and well-tested notion in the art of matchmaking.

Traditionally, introduction agencies (as we are known in the UK) or matchmakers (a term more used in the US) would advertise for clients and match people within their ‘pool’ of members.

We have always felt that this was a bit limiting, and wanting to do more for our clients, we studied the 6 Degrees of Separation model and incorporated that into our matchmaking structure.

So here is how it works… we not only match you with our current members, we also match you with suitable, successful, attractive singles that we know too.  Imagine a team of very well connected people. People who may well know your ‘one’.  It doesn’t stop there though…

As a team we are also networking 7 days a week, meeting people; meeting your perfect partner perhaps?

This is why we believe that Elan.London has the very best strategy to find your life partner. It’s why we work so hard to get it right for you. It’s why the love of your life is only 6 people away from you – via us.

You can contact us on 0207 6306015 to find out more.