Procrastination in Love

Definition: The action of delaying or postponing something. (English Oxford Dictionary) ukmatchmaker

Living in London and having a demanding career plus a busy and hectic social life means that we often (much more than often) put off important things in our lives.

Going home to visit parents, catching up with university friends… meeting our life partner. We put them off.

We file them in a hidden cupboard in our minds marked ‘later’.

But then, suddenly maybe something happens or we just realise one day that there is something missing from our lives; a missing part from the whole picture and maybe we think, “Hey, I would really like to make an effort to have that one special person in my life, this is very, very important to me actually”.

You may be male you may be female. In our experience, it happens to both. You also may have tried online dating and find that time consuming, soul destroying and pointless. But, here are some other options though:

  • Get out and about. Say YES to the invitations to dinner parties, to art gallery receptions, say yes to all invitations (within reason, of course) – you really never know who you may meet…
  • Utilise your friends.  Who do they know who would be perfect for you?  Tell them you are open to introductions.
  • Maybe you would like some relationship advice?  That is not saying you need it but maybe, just maybe a past partner has put you back in terms of moving on? We provide that for our clients gratis. If you are not a client we can refer you. We do not get a referral fee.
  • Join a reputable agency to help you? Of course we are going to say that is us, but we encourage people to check out more than a few. Go with who with who you feel comfortable with. Ask tons of questions. We can give you a tick list of questions to ask.

Really though, it is very simple:  you are either ready to find a long term relationship or you are not.

The question you need to ask yourself is – Am I ready? and what do I need to do to meet my soul mate?

If you are really ready and would like us to help you in an efficient, intelligent and thoughtful way then please do get in touch, we would love to meet you…

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