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Thinking of inviting that special lady to your flat for dinner?…
Our guest post today comes from our friend, Diego Correa; a very talented interior designer for successful men. More information about Diego is below.

Let’s visualise the context first: You have met the lady before, probably a few times for a coffee, drinks or lunch, and you have seen that besides being beautiful she is very special, your heart beats a little bit faster when you are with her and not precisely  because the way she wears that dress. There is a connection there; she makes you feel anxious, in a nice way.

So you decide to invite her to your place for dinner. You are proud of your flat so you want to show her more about you. You know she will get you if she sees the way you live, what you like, that special collection of old photographs you have… It will be a big plus for you.

But that is not enough and you know it… so how to get the most of your flat, the most of the night and the best in you?

Here are some suggestions:


♥ Clean or get your flat cleaned: Special attention to be given to the bathroom and the kitchen.

♥ Whether you are cooking, hiring a chef or ordering food make sure to prepare a great menu (I imagine you have asked her if she has any preferences or allergies to consider). Aperitif, first and main course and dessert are a must.

♥ Have wine, juice and if you know how to make great cocktails be ready to display your expertise. Choose 2-3 cocktails.

♥ You must lay the table nicely. You do not need to overdo it but make an effort.

♥  Flowers are a must, fresh ones please, again don’t overdo it…They can be just for the dining table.

♥ Lighting.  If your flat has special features allow the lighting to say so. Do not dim the lights as if you were ready for a big moment. Be elegant… think about what is just right.

♥ Music. Do you know what she likes?  If not choose something neutral, soft, pleasant. Right volume; don’t put music that awakes your party mood. That won’t work.

♥ You: Dress to impress, even if wearing an informal look. A worn out jeans and a t shirt is not an option. Smell good.


♥ Be a gentleman. Do you remember you think she is very special?. Make her notice this by displaying your best behaviour.

♥ Show her your flat, a little tour will break the ice and will bring a lot of possible topics to talk about. Don’t display your ego.. Talk from your love for your life, there is a difference.

♥ Always take her into account: what she likes to drink,  Does she want a bite before dinner? Is the temperature right for her?

♥ During the dinner have interesting conversations, be curious to learn about what interests her,  she will ask in return so it will develop into a very smooth and pleasant time.

♥ At this moment you can make the light more dramatic. Now is time to dim and setting the right tone for the dinner. It is about increasing the beauty and appeal of the food and to create an atmosphere that inspires you both to relax and get to know each other even more.

♥ Do not drink too much.

♥ After dinner, she will probably offer to help you with the table, gently refuse this, make her feel she is there to be pampered.


♥ If everything goes according to plan, both of you should have had a wonderful time for a coffee or tea… and some chocolates in the living room. Please buy great quality chocolates; believe me it makes a huge difference.

♥ Ask her if she would like to listen any specific music and then enjoy each other’s company even more, while you think about planning that next date…

Diego Correa’s interior design approach stems from a combination of his professional training and experience together with his ethics and vision.

The core of the practice is to provide to his male clientele an excellent customer service which involves not only the delivery of a contemporary, creative, thoughtful proposal within budget but also the careful management of every aspect of the process.

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