T and S

He was the first person you introduced me to and he was everything I asked for. We have spent the last few months seeing each other over and over again. I love being with him and don’t need to see anyone else. Thank you! She is terrific. I really enjoyed meeting her and can never … Continue reading T and S


“I thought she was lovely, vivacious, funny and we had great conversation; I hope that we can meet up again”


We had a lovely evening and ended up completely forgetting the time, always a good sign. Thank you very much for putting us in touch, I shall keep you updated…


…She is an amazing lady, I think she also feels that spark. We are going on our second date on Friday…” “Tina, a quick update, this will be our 6th date. I know I would not have met a a woman like this online or randomly, so thank you.


Just thought you might like to know that ***** and I have had six dates of all different kinds and we are now planning to spend this Valentine’s weekend together. He has also invited me to his ski chalet in ****** and would like to take me to meet his parents. I shall let you … Continue reading T