Do men and women pay the same?

Our Executive Matchmaking Membership is £6000 plus vat for 6 months. Everyone on this level of membership pays the same fee. Some clients may pay for a 12 month membership and others may pay a higher fee because they have very stringent criteria making the process more challenging. Included in your membership is a headhunting … Continue reading Do men and women pay the same?

Do you have any guarantees?

We certainly do! We guarantee a minimum number of introductions throughout your membership. This will be clearly stated in your agreement with us. There are no maximum number of matches, so of course you may receive more introductions than stated but you would never receive less. You can also put your membership on hold when … Continue reading Do you have any guarantees?

How does the process work?

Our first encounter with you would be to have a chat via telephone to find out a bit more about you. We then arrange to meet up for a complimentary consultation. Within that time we get to know you a little more – we talk about your values, your personality, your background and interests; and … Continue reading How does the process work?